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Healthy & Creamy Avocado Pasta Recipe

What if you could have that creamy, crave-worthy pasta dish without the guilt? This recipe for healthy and creamy avocado pasta fits the bill! Avocados are the perfect substitution for heavy cream with added nutritional—and guilt-free—satisfaction. This recipe is great for the health-conscious and perfect for those who are strapped on time but still want a gourmet meal. Try it out today! Tantillo Foods offers a wide selection of artisanal pastas, cooking oils, pasta sauces, and more to enhance your meals. Shop now to begin creating fantastic Italian dishes!      Serves 4  Ingredients:  2 ripe avocados, peeled and seeded…

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4 Simple Date Night Pasta Ideas

Date nights are important for any relationship. Whether it’s the first date or you’ve been together for months, years, or decades, having a romantic night complete with a thoughtfully cooked meal never gets old. That’s why we’ve put together four simple date night pasta ideas that are as equally delicious as they are easy to prepare. Tantillo Foods offers a wide selection of artisanal pastas, cooking oils, pasta sauces, and more to enhance your meals. Shop now to begin creating fantastic Italian dishes!    Use Flavorful Pre-Made Sauces Our favorite time-saving hack for date night planning is using pre-made pasta…

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a rich and concentrated condiment that is equally balanced in flavor and health benefits. Here, we’ll help the health-conscious and the food enthusiasts navigate the finer points of this lovely liquid and discover what makes it so special. Let’s explore the amazing health benefits of balsamic vinegar! Tantillo Foods offers a selection of balsamic vinegars. Purchase a bottle to enhance all of your Italian dishes!    What is Balsamic Vinegar? Balsamic vinegar has its humble beginnings in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, originating over 900+ years ago. This is a region abound with popular wine grape varietals,…

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Delicious and Healthy Pasta Meal Prep

When you know you have a busy week ahead, it’s always nice to prep your meals in advance to save yourself some time. If you’ve never meal prepped before and don’t know where to start, enjoy this delicious and healthy pasta meal prep guide! We’ve mapped out an entire week’s worth of fantastic foods for you to eat, provided you with a complete shopping list to get you started, and included some time-saving tips for your convenience. Don’t stress about the upcoming week. With this guide, cooking will be a breeze. Your Shopping List  The goal for your shopping expedition…

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How to Make Black Bean Pasta at Home

The popularity of starch alternatives are on the rise. Not only are they perfect for those looking to follow a gluten-free and vegan diet, but they’re also great for those seeking to increase their protein intake. So, if you’re looking for a protein-packed and fiber-filled pasta alternative, learn how to make black bean pasta at home! Black bean noodles are just as tasty as traditional wheat noodles—but with triple the nutrient impact! Tantillo Foods offers authentic, Italian-style ingredients necessary to put together fantastic meals. Whether you’d like to enhance your dish with fresh olive oils, flavorful pasta sauces, or our…

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Pasta vs. Noodles. What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between pasta and noodles? People tend to use the two terms pretty interchangeably. It’s reasonable to think that if pasta is a noodle, then all noodles are also pasta. However, this isn’t the case! Here, we’ll show you what the difference is between pasta and noodles so that you’ll never get the two confused. Tantillo Foods offers authentic, Italian-style ingredients necessary to put together fantastic meals. Whether you’d like to enhance your dish with fresh olive oils, robust pasta sauces, or our artisanal pastas, we have it all. Shop our products now!…

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Creative Pasta Bar Ideas for your Next Party

Pasta bars are an easy, fun, and entertaining way to feed your party guests. Here are some great tips to help you execute this DIY spread! Learn how to pull off these creative pasta bar ideas for your next party! Tantillo Foods offers all of the ingredients necessary to put together a fantastic pasta bar. Shop our products now! Why Offer a Pasta Bar? Everyone loves pasta! It’s versatile, family-friendly, and dietary-restriction inclusive. With plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free noodle, sauce, and topping options, everyone will find something to enjoy! The combinations can appeal to the most adventurous eaters…

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How to Make Edamame Pasta from Scratch

Edamame noodles have become extremely popular. This protein-packed, nutrient-dense noodle alternative gives those following Keto, Paleo, or Gluten-Free diets a pasta dish that tastes just as good as the real deal and is nutrient-packed. Learn how to make edamame pasta from scratch to enjoy a creative, delicious twist on an Italian classic! Edamame Noodle Recipe  Makes 5-6 portions  Ingredients: 4 cups gluten-free flour 4 teaspoons xanthan gum 2 teaspoon kosher salt 5 eggs 1 cup edamame beans, pureed 1-2 tablespoons of water Instructions: In a large bowl, stir together gluten-free flour, xanthan gum, and salt until combined. On a clean…

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How to Make Homemade Pasta -The Ultimate Guide

From scratch cooking can really elevate any meal. If you’re looking to test your hand at making something new, try rolling up your sleeves to cook some wholesome, traditional Italian food. Making homemade pasta is a fun activity, and it can turn an average weekend into a culinary adventure—one that the entire family can participate in. Whether you’re a noodle newbie or have experience creating delicious pasta dishes, use this ultimate guide on how to make homemade pasta to cook a fantastic meal! Simple Homemade Pasta Recipe To start, here’s a quick recipe for homemade pasta: The Perfect Ratio 1…

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How to Plate Pasta for Perfection

We’ve all drooled over a lovely plate of pasta professionally served at an upscale Italian restaurant. Do you ever wonder how the chefs make it look so perfect? From the tower of twirled noodles and the clean edging on lasagna to the lack of saucy splatter, there’s not a flaw in sight! Here, we’ll reveal the restaurant-worthy hacks on how to plate pasta for perfection. The Long Noodle Twirl This may be the most impressive style of pasta plating. Learn how to twirl long noodles so that not a single strand is out of place. It’s surprisingly very simple to…

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