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Olive Oil Ice Cream

  "The olive oil flavor comes through beautifully, but it's not at all a savory ice cream that leaves you feeling confused. It's 100% dessert. Olive Oil is also a super healthy fat that is extremely heart healthy, so you can feel (kinda) guilt-free while enjoying a bowl-full of this goodness. I mean, it's basically a salad. " Read more from Loryn Purvis, recipe creator, at Cooking & Cabernet. Olive Oil Ice Cream Ingredients: 1 1/3 cup whole milk ½ cup Tantillo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ½ cup granulated sugar pinch salt 1 cup heavy cream 6 large egg yolks Directions: Combine…

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Fall is in the air

Fall is officially here, which means all the delicious, hearty flavors we love about this season can finally be brought back into our kitchens. One of our favorite things to make on a chilly night is a big batch of warm, delicious soup. While we walked around the farmer’s market and saw all the gorgeous colors of the fall harvest, we couldn’t wait to get home and make a pot of this Butternut Squash and Pepper Soup. This would be delicious with some toasted sourdough bread on the side. Butternut squash is one of the most nutritious and one of the…

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Incorporating the Mediterranean Diet by registered New York Dietitian Laura Kovacs

Picture this. You happen upon a small rustic taverna overlooking a port in the sundrenched village of Sissi on the island of Crete. A group of fishermen, just in from the morning’s catch, sit on the terrace, eating their midday meal with one hand and trading stories with the other. As you get closer, the smell of earthy spices, grilled fish and sautéed local greens fill the air. At the center of the table is a loaf of warm country bread, leavened just that morning, being pulled apart by hand and dipped lightly in olive oil seasoned with oregano, pepper…

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Up close

  I take tremendous pride working with my family. We have worked hard for the past two decades building our company from the ground up. Our customers always come first and we look forward to bringing you delicious products for many years to come!  

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Starting from scratch

  Well after much demand it's finally here, our new blog!   Before I finish a project I scan every detail of anything I do to make sure it's perfect. Enhancing the small details in a large picture will greatly increase it's message. This is also a great way to boost your recipes. The building blocks of every recipe are the raw ingredients being used. By sourcing the freshest ingredients your recipe will explode with flavor.   Above are just a few images from the farmers market at the San Francisco Ferry Building. Next time you're gathering ingredients for a…

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