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Blood Orange Sorbet

Yields1 Serving

The juice of blood oranges makes a dramatic presentation in this dish. It’s intense, some might even say ghoulish color, provides a wonderful contrast when paired with pale, thin, butter cookies. Makes 2 Servings. - See more at:

Tantillo Recipes

 7 or 8 blood oranges
 2 egg whites
 3/4 cup Sugar Syrup, approximately
 1 tablespoon Grand Marnier

Juice oranges leaving some of the pulp for texture. You’ll need a total of 1 1/2cups juice and pulp combined.


In a mixing bowl, combine juice and pulp with 1/2 of Sugar Syrup. Add more syrup in 1/4-cup increments until you have the sweetness you desire. Remember, when frozen the sorbet will lose some of its sweetness.


Whip the egg whites in a clean bowl until foamy but with no peaks showing. Swish into the juice mixture with a wire whip.


Pour into an hand crank ice cream maker that requires no electricity or salt. Follow manufacture’s directions. Just before the sorbet totally solidifies, add the Grand Marnier, (alcohol raises the freezing temperature, so you shouldn’t put it in until the mixture is almost frozen.) Serve immediately or put into the freezer until you’re ready to serve. Let it soften slightly before serving. Buon Appetito!