Tantillo Recipes

Bread Salad

April 7, 2016

Tantillo Recipes


Day old bread

Cubed mozzarella soaked with Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes

Grape tomatoes, sliced in half

Red peppers, cut into strips and baked just to soften (can use pre-made roasted red peppers)

Red onions, chopped

Italian parsley, torn

Mint, torn

Basil, torn

Oregano, torn

Roasted garlic cloves

Tantillo Balsamic Vinegar

Salt and Pepper


1Rip bread apart into 1 inch pieces and toss into salad bowl.

2Add mozzarella and tomatoes.

3Mix and add red peppers & red onions.

4Toss with Italian parsley, basil, mint, and oregano.

5Chop garlic cloves and add along with Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

6Drizzle with Tantillo Balsamic Vinegar. Top with salt and pepper.

7Mix everything. Cover and refrigerate for 20-25 minutes. BUON APPETITO!

**If you don’t have day old bread, toast the bread you have on hand. It’s important for the bread not to be too soft or the salad will be too moist**


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