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Farfalle with Pignole, Prosciutto and Spinach

Yields1 Serving

Tantillo Recipes

 ¾ cup pine nuts
 ¾ cup raisins
 ½ cup Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 4 garlic cloves
 ½ cup boiling water
 1 small bunch baby spinach
 2 cups farfalle pasta
 ½ cup chicken stock
 ¼ pound prosciutto
 Pecorino Romano Cheese as needed

Put raisins in boiling water until plump and then drain. Fry pine nuts in a pan with Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and add raisins, spinach until wilted.


Cook Pasta according to directions on package.


When Al dente, drain and place pasta in a large bowl with spinach mixture, pine nuts, raisins, prosciutto and cheese. Buon Appetito!